Do You Serve S & R Value?????

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Do You Serve S & R Value?????

Postby Seduction » Mon May 19, 2014 10:09 am

What is S & R Value you might ask? Survival and Replication Value! Whenever we feel Survival and Replication Value from someone else, we begin to feel attracted to them. That’s what attraction is. Its Feeling S and R Value from someone else. Do you serve them S and R Value? That’s why David DeAngelo says attraction is not a choice. It’s been programmed and hardwired into a woman’s circuitry to pick up on slight subtle cues demonstrated by a man that subconsciously tells her Survival and Replication emotional circuitry that his actions or Demonstrations of High Value increase her chances for Survival and Replication. Guess what? You can flip on these switches yourself. Anyone can! That’s why you see guys out there who aren’t so good looking but are pulling 9’s and 10s. What are some of these slight subtle cues you might ask? I don’t have time to go into all of them but, let’s talk about the top 5 in my opinion that you should pay attention to.

1. Pre selection. It heads the list because it assumes the rest of the 4 below. Positioning yourself around women and being seen with women tells other women that your circuitry must be normal and that the reason other women are hanging around you is because you offer S and R Value. They pre-assume that other women have already screened you for S and R value if they are giving you time and attention.
2. Leader of men. What are some qualities a leader of men might have?
3. Protector of loved ones. What are some of the qualities a protector of loved ones would have?
4. Willingness to emote. What does it mean to have a willingness to emote?
5. Successful risk taker. What are qualities of a successful risk taker?
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