The Secret Law of State Capacity

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The Secret Law of State Capacity

Postby marsb » Fri Mar 04, 2016 8:04 pm

The negative feelings you have towards your wings pulling come from your ego being messed with. It's complete death to your ego. Your wing is pulling and you're not, so you must suck. Untrue. This is a story that's based on false theories. When your wing is pulling, you have to internalize the fact you're winning and he's winning. He gets laid and you get laid. Him pulling a girl has nothing to do with your own ego or your own skill. It’s not a reflection of you. It comes down to right time, right place, and right attitude for him.

There's a girl out there for everyone. It comes down to if the girl's in his niche (yes, maybe girl), was his game good enough THAT night, and were the logistics in place to have that situation happen. Stuff that’s out of YOUR hands. We all get those opportunities, we all get moments of glory, and we all must share the state cause there's enough to go around. Enjoy the learning process, stick to the game plan of continuous learning, and stop being jealous of shit that's out of your hands. If you're continuously whining like a little bitch because you didn't pull, then you're always going to be a little whiney bitch and you will not grow. Your success and state will be limited.

When your wing is pulling, it's time to re-focus on your situation and make shit happen for yourself. Like I said before, there's enough state to go around. Never believe that there's not enough force to be shared around because there's always an abundance. It’s possible for you both to pull that same night. Goddamn. It’s possible for your whole squad to pull that night. The reason it doesn’t happen is mainly because your belief there’s a limit. Plus, you took the focus off yourself which is a big no-no to the rule of state abundance.

State capacity is unlimited and always available to those who understand it’s law which is it’s available to those who believe it’s unlimited. If you’re in the headspace of "my wing is on right now and I'm off" then you're not comprehending the principle of it as well. You and your wing both, can be at the peak of your game at the same time. It comes down to focus, relaxation, and the belief there is no limit to your state.
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