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Postby helraisr99 » Mon Nov 25, 2013 10:04 am

So I met this chick about 2 months ago at Zaza in uptown. Talked to her and her friends for like 25 mnts. Flirted a bit, got her number, and left. She texted me the next day two times but I did not respond bc I was on a 1st date with another girl in Denton the whole day. I responded the next day with a quick text. Then about a week later we met up on a Thursday at 6 pm and went to Top Golf. She beat me pretty bad in golf, we had a few drinks and some wings, then proceeded to the pool hall downstairs at top golf. Nice room, empty, I beat her pretty bad, we talked, didnt really touch, flirted a little but then left together. I walked her to her car, gave her a quick kiss on the lips, she proceeded to give me an extra golf hat she had in her car. Night ended. I was out of town and so was she the next week. 2 weeks later I text her to meetup for bowling on a friday night. She confirms on Thursday and asks me time and address of place to meet. I give it to her. Friday morning she texts me and cancels saying " I am sorry please call me I will explain". So I call and she says shes been seeing a 47 yr old guy for 2 months and he just called her and wants to meetup and she is going to ask them if they are official or not? I say cool and text her the next day and she says "we are exclusive now". Fine. About 9 days later I text her on a Tuesday at 11:30 am and say " In uptown for work if u wanan grab lunch" She agrees and we meetup at Mannys on lemon ave at 12:30pm. We eat. have 3 margaritas, flirt a bit more. Everytime she mentions boyfriend I ignore and she calls me out on it. I continue to ignore. She invites me back to her place saying "there is a desk at her place if I'd like to take it" So we go to her apartment, its now about 4pm. I am in her bedroom and slowly kiss her hands, her neck, massage her back. Still wont kiss on lips and says to me "i am not a cheater i am a good girl". Then she tells me she has some burberry sweaters if Id like to take them and try them on. So i take off my shirt and start trying them on. Her roomate walks in sees me in her room with no shirt and walks out. Anyways we talk a bit more, its not 7pm and I leave with 2 burberry sweaters. She texts me the next day saying "my roomate things ur super hot without ur shirt." I ignore the text. She texts on friday saying to come back and pickup the desk and she will come back to my place with me after to help me fix my thermostat ( i mentioned earlier in the week that my thermostat was messed up and she should come over and help me fix it.......its pure bs but i had to say something so she has a mental excuse for coming over). Anyways now friday she text me saying to come over after work. So I guy and her ex is there in her bedroom ( not her current 47 yr old boyfriend, this is her ex who she broke up with). I say "wassup man nice hair" and i proceed to the bathroom. He leaves after i come out in 1 minute. We are back in her bedroom now and she continues to tell me how shes been on medication for a year for ADHD and she getting a lot better. I slowly start massaging her legs, take of her socks, kissing her feet, kiss her forehead, play with her bra strap , kiss her neck, lick her ear but then she gets up and goes to bathroom. I follow her and slap her ass. She then gets us 2 glasses of wine and orders me pizza with wings and breadsticks and tells me to try on a pair of TIGHT male shorts she had. I go commando and put them on. She goes like " omg u r naked wth" and blocks her face. Then she gives me another pair and i do the same. She runs away to her bathroom then comes back in her bed. I put on boxers and jump on top of her managing to kiss her upper head again and she laughs and gets up and leaves room and sits on living room. I follow. we talk some more and i slap her ass. a few mnts later we both leave as i go home and goes to her boyfriends place. ( remember he is 47 and she showed me pics, he aint cute either, just average.) Ive got same occupation as her bf except i am about 21 yrs younger. She is 32, I am 26, and boyfriend is 47. Then saturday passes and sunday morning she calls me at 11:30 am and tells me she will come over my placea after church to fix my thermostat. She texts at 2 asking for address. I give it. She calls at 3 saying she is at her boyfirends place and just was cleaning and has dust all over her and doesnt think she can make it. She facetimes me, and has boyfriend in the background ( who is on a stool changing a lightbulb and cant see me) I see his body only and introduces me to him. Then she shows me the closet she cleaned up. Then she says she is tired and doesnt think she can make it and will proceed to show me how to fix my thermostat over facetime. I said no just come over. She says "can i bring my bf" I laugh and say "i dont need any more grandpa figures in my life". She says "that was mean, im gonna hang up and i will call u later". I text her saying "i would not have cancelled my plans for 2day if u werent going to show up :/" then i send another one "but its ok bc ur a princess"

WTF IS GOING ON?????????????



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Postby maxtazm » Mon Jan 06, 2014 5:34 am

You handled that well i think. Very funny response. You could be a little more direct about what you want from her though.
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Postby Winsupakorn » Mon Sep 18, 2017 11:06 pm

It is very good. I have read about this thing and feel that it is very useful.
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Postby Mikelnut » Sun Feb 04, 2018 10:46 pm

I think it was a good one. It's more about us than we are. I really like
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