Daniel Vercetti conference call Notes 12/18/2016

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Daniel Vercetti conference call Notes 12/18/2016

Postby Brandw » Sun Dec 18, 2016 4:58 pm

PU notes
Daniel Vercetti conference call 12/18/2016
Don’t ask too many questions.
Be willing to carry the convo for the first 5 mins

Attraction Killers:
Boredom: don’t be predictable. Don’t be boring and predictable.
Neediness: being overly invested the relationship. You gotta be willing to walk. The one that is more non-attached is the more powerful one.

Starter Mindset: Put yourself into a more good mindset when you go out.
Openness: open up to people and experiences, actually put yourself in a vulnerable position and be social.
Positivity. Negativity is sticky. See the world as a safe place, that embraces and supports you.
Be curious but not judgmental, Walt Witman.
Be adventurous: Women want to be adventurous and adventurous. See everyone as an adventure. They are your teacher.
Let go, be non-attached, what you have to offer is a gift and they don’t have to take it.

How to warm up:
Be warm, fun (listen to music or comedy before you go out), social (start approaching every one)

Convo starter:
Function questions: where’s the nearest bathroom
Situational convo starter: these are the most organic type of convo starter
Direct intent:
Neutral: express your intention to connect: hey man we haven’t met, my name is Cedric. What’s your name?
Compliment: The most powerful type of completment is the one based on something that they have worked for, something non-physical.

Success is in the follow up. The second, third, fourth things you say are more important than the first.
Turn the common questions into statements.
What’s your name? You looked like at Matilda, Gertrude
Where are you from? Like if she is Asian, you say that “you are the hottest Nigerian girl I have ever met.”
What’s your work?
How old are you?

Talk to the inner child, not the adult. She’s out cause she wants to have fun!
You need to get friends that are into PU. You need the support.

Approach machine blueprint, baby steps:
1. Leave the house, get out!
2. Make eye contact, don’t be the first one to break eye contact.
3. Smile
4. Stop and Visualize: visualize your actually approaching her.
5. Almost approach: walk towards her and don’t approach.
6. Functional opener: What time is it? When does this place close?
7. Functional plus compliment: Hey when does this place close, and hey great outfit, by the way. You approach but don’t ask for anything.
8. Compliment and eject: you start to approach and give value and eject. “you have a great style. Ok, have a nice day.
9. Compliment, introduce yourself, and you eject.
10. You give the compliment, and you stay in.

How receptive and responsive is the person.
When you ask a question: relate to her answer. Get people to invest in the interaction.
Ask why and how questions instead of what questions: Why are you into that? Verses whh are you into?

Put yourself into a talkative state and figure out what you are passionate about and love talking about.
You need to be engaged in what you are talking.
Be self entertaining. Be carefree, and talk openly and freely.
Write down a list of the topics that you love talking about.

Take personal responsibility in your life. Don’t wait, take life by the fucking horns. Be a self starter.

Be true to your interests and see if there is commonality.

Identify your sticking points:
1) Retrospective analysis: looking back on things.
2) Get specific knowledge about this obstacle.
3) Speed of implementation. Implement till you get it solved!!!!!!!!! Rinse and fucking repeat!!!!!!!!!!
Debreif and look back when you do the approach, then iterate, see what you’d want to do differently, and then implement, and apply the lesson.
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