3 Month Wingman[men]

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3 Month Wingman[men]

Postby ebdevildog85 » Fri May 26, 2017 11:19 am

Looking for a rent/sarge situation for 3 months. I travel the country working 13 week contracts and my assignment is in Dallas at Medical City Hospital. I make good money and making payments isn't an issue.

I'm not new to the game. My count is 48. I'm 31 and already divorced twice so I know from experience that I don't do well in relationships. I stay single. I work three days a week and tend to run game at least two nights a week. I'm not much on the one night stand, as they seem to be psycho usually. I vet a girl to make sure she can handle my polygamy ways and then hook up with them, and others, till they want me to settle down and I politely show them the door. Seldom are they mad, they knew before they got in the bed with me how I am.

My style is more of a RedPill type. I have no script. What works for me is a genuine approach with no anxiety and blunt direct conversation. Though, I'm highly interested in learning and adapting. Please teach me yours ways. I'm a life long learner/artist here.

My reading list is quite long: The Book of Pook, The Art of Seduction, Bang, Becoming a Barbarian, The MM, The are of Witty Banter, The way of Men, Models, The Science of Attraction, The Rational Male, What Women Want in a MAN, The Rational Male Preventive Medicine, She Comes First, No more Mr. Nice Guy, The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F, The Game... it goes on. I don't read this out of insecurity. I read them out of general interest/hobby.

So the jewel here is that I work in a hospital, as a nurse. I'm surrounded by women all day. Frankly, I work in paradise. I flirt with these girls all day. I'm like a ball of catnip to these girls being that I'm attract, fit, have a career, confident, and create tons of competition anxiety between them. So, when I drag these girls out the goal would be to have friends who are not inept to play along :twisted:

If this doesn't pan out I still will be in the area and highly interested in making friends. I don't do friends with women. I'll likely be staying at an extended stay near the hospital as I'm not interested in some weird craigslist rooming situation.
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Re: 3 Month Wingman[men]

Postby Tyler.durden » Wed Jun 14, 2017 8:30 pm

Hey bud,
I'm just jumping back in after a 2 year hiadus (relationship). I'll be a bit rusty for the first couple of weeks, but trust me I'm a good wing. Count me in.

I can't help on the housing front, I live in the suburbs. But I'm definitely good for 2 nights a weeks as a wing. Hit me up- 2one4-392-9zero99.
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Re: 3 Month Wingman[men]

Postby Dragon » Thu Aug 03, 2017 2:14 am

Hey guys,
I was out for a few years too... busy with a few relationships. I also have an opportunity for you guys. I'm trying to rekindle an ex-girlfriend. She has 2 friends visiting from France at the beginning of September. Until then, I don't mind winging. Text me 817-264-6618
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Re: 3 Month Wingman[men]

Postby JoeCur74 » Fri Sep 22, 2017 3:56 pm

New to the game. 43 don't know that I would be much help at first but I am looking for people to speak to and watch so I can learn from people not books
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