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[QUOTE=Bull Run;41289]The question remains, is this 15 point comeback with 7 minutes left in the game, is the 22-5 run the Mavs went on to close out the game, the turning point in this series? Will we look back and understand that it defined the series? Well, that's why they play the games.[/QUOTE]

I think the answer here is an unequivocal YES. The 15 point comeback with 7 minutes left in game 2 was absolutely, 100% the turning point in this series. It, without a doubt, defined this series.

Miami goes up by 13 in game 3 and eeks out a victory.
Miami goes up by 9 in game 4 and the Mavs come back again.
Then game 5 and 6, Miami goes up big several times with a chance to run away with the game and can't ever seem to put the Mavs away.

Comebacks by the Mavs and blown leads by the Heat defined this series. I think Games 5 and 6 would have been closer and come down to the end if it weren't for the fact that the Heat just never seemed to be able to put the Mavs away. The Mavs just took their lumps and clawed their way back in every single game. By the time the Mavs tied the series up on another comeback in the fourth quarter it just completely demoralized the Heat. Had Miami been a more experienced team I think they could have managed it better but they're just too immature at this point to deal with those kind of mindfucks.

Talent only gets you so far. Demeanor fills out the rest of the equation.

Regardless, this turned out to be one of the absolute best NBA Finals' in recent memory.

Congrads to the Magic Mavs and Dirk and company. Miami will be back next year to claim their first title, assuming there's a season next year that is. I think the Heat's window isn't very wide though. There are a lot of young, good teams out there and a handful of high profile free agents that could tip the scales in favor of the Magic's, Thunder's, Grizzlies', Bulls', and, yes, even the Clippers' of the world.

The Lakers are toast as are the Spurs, Suns, and Celtics. The Mavs have some young talent but I'm not too sure that it'll be enough to get them back unless they can sign a D-Howard or Devon Willams.

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