Protect yourself, guys...

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Protect yourself, guys...

Postby Guest » Tue Sep 27, 2011 5:24 am

Because there are well funded organizations out there doing everything in their power to convict as many men as possible for having sex - consensual or not. All it takes is to piss off a chick you have sex with and it turns into "OMG!RAPE!OMG!"

Anyone prepared to prove you had consent?


[QUOTE]There is a gradual, but indisputable and disturbing, trend to engorge the definitions of rape and sexual assault in order to snag more convictions. All of these changes, which typically occur beneath the radar, are initiated at the behest of victims' advocates, and there is rarely ever more than cursory and superficial consideration given to insuring that innocent men and boys are not punished with the guilty. While everyone with a passing interest in this area knows about this trend, few are able to articulate exactly what is happening.

One of the most important, and startling, efforts to engorge the definition of rape has been to shift the burden of proving consent from the state to the accused. This is both important and starting because the very essence of rape law is the absence of consent, and shifting the burden of proof to the accused about a matter that goes to the essence of a criminal offense raises a host of due process concerns. To put it in plain English, shifting the burden of proof enhances the risk that the innocent will be punished with the guilty.

Few readers probably know that the U.S. military, the District of Columbia, and the state of Washington have already shifted the burden of proving consent to the accused. More about each below.[/QUOTE]

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