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Postby dukefookem » Thu Nov 08, 2012 3:12 am

I am looking into buying a new vehicle. I got a new job and more money so now I want something that has more sex appeal.

I was considering leasing a range rover sport but it was way too expensive for being able to drive just 10k a year. I like to take road trips to other cities/towns whatever and that just kills it.

I am now considering a car. I want to buy knew and I think the stock bmw 328i with the I4 turbo is a good option. I don't really think girls know enough about cars to tell the difference between a 36k 328i and a 60k M3. They just see the bmw sticker and shinny new clean car and it's good to go.

Anyway I am looking at cars in the 35 to 45k price range if you guys have any opinions on the matter.
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