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Get out of the community!

Postby Mojo » Thu Jun 16, 2011 12:37 pm

Get out of the community! Don't let it swallow you....

Being in the seduction community is MORE than about learning these routines and techniques. It is a SELF-IMPROVEMENT journey. After all, just learning the skillz means nothing in the long run if you don’t have something to back it up. One of Mystery’s best friends once said that Mystery is able to get any girl he wants, but he can’t keep them (this was a long time ago so maybe mystery’s inner game has improved). You must have solid inner game. Too often in this community I see a narrow focus on the pickup and not so much on the development of the person. One must be a better person to get the better woman. And I mean a woman for a serious relationship, a goal most of us aim to achieve. So, how we do this?

First, understanding how the mind works so reprogramming it is possible. There are many good NLP books and classes out there (though I prefer books). Reprogramming the mind is essential because changing yourself into the man you want to be is easier and more effective than faking it. For example, reprogramming your mind to know having lots and lots of money is good, not bad. Because you subconscious will not allow you to do what it perceives as bad. So if you first thought that pops in your mind when you pass a huge mansion is something like “what schemes dud those greedy guys do to make all that money” then you must reprogram. The first thought that should pop up is something like “that’s awesome they were able to have such a beautiful house and cars”. The universe will give everything you need, scarcity is an illusion.

Having a scarcity mentality is also no conducive to success with life. There was the incident of The Red Mole, Steve Mayeda, who was stealing customers from Nick Savoy. You don’t need to steal to get ahead. There are way too many legal routes to get rich. Everything you mom said, don’t steal, pick your friends carefully, don’t lie, etc still holds true. As for the last part, PUAs don’t need to lie to get into a girls pants.

I once asked Asian Playboy whether we lie to women. He paused, thought about it for a moment, and then said “yes, we do”. Yes, with canned routines and other fabricated stories you are lying to women. This shouldn’t be so. What is needed is your own field tested routines based on facts and true stories of your life, not canned material. We are here to be the best men we can be, and lying to woman shows lack of integrity.

Integrity is a good word to describe what kind of men we should become. Men of integrity. Men of morals. Men of principles. Stealing and lying is not a part of that.

So I encourage all of you to not let the community to swallow you. Don't be defined by such a narrow focus. Branch off and grow as an individual.


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