Women Are the Problem

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Women Are the Problem

Postby Tribulus1000 » Sun Jan 22, 2012 1:59 pm

This is Off Topic. I know most of you probably don't want to get married. But this affects dating as well...


I feel strongly about this issue and I wanted to share it with you guys. I feel it is important.
We are told as men that we should change ourselves, that we are the problem and that we need to change.
Depending on the source from the PUA Gurus and teachers, we are told to be: more social, less needy, more sexual, less sexual, more masculine, less masculine, more talkative, less talkative, etc.
We are told conflicting information. And we are told we must change in order to get laid, be happy, get a girl, etc.
But women are not told to change anything. They can be more and more selfish, more demanding and they don't have to do anything. This is ridiculous and absurd.

Then you look around at the advertising and the toys for little girls and what do you see? Forced on them is the idea that they are "princesses". They are told they are smart (even though some foreign kids could kick their asses in math/science), they are told they are beautiful and should be worshiped.
There's only one you should worship and it is God. (I will spare you all my beliefs).

All of this is to say that we as a society build up girl's egos and their pride until they are completely selfish and competitive with males in the workplace and then we wonder why they can't find a husband or a steady boyfriend.

My theory is that women are the gatekeepers of the relationship and basically run the show as far as the family unit is concerned.
Feminism seeks to destroy society by first attacking the family structure with the woman and then destroying the marriage and the kids as well.

As far as us men are concerned, we are basically the same. We want the same things and we all have more in common than our differences.
As long as the female is good, kind and doesn't fight with the male; the family unit will stay together. But if she's a bitch, then it won't work. And that implies that the man is employed gainfully and is not a burden or mentally or physically unsound.
If that is in place and they get along, the whole thing will work. If the woman is a bitch, the whole thing falls apart.

In a way this is good news for you guys. There is nothing wrong with you and you don't need to change.
If you are single and wanting a relationship - either short term or long term or marriage, then I believe the burden is not on you.
There is only one thing you can do...find a non-bitch. Find a woman who will put up with you.

I'm happy to report that I did just this. I found a wonderful woman overseas. And I will share with you guys some examples of what I am talking about.
(These are from my personal life, so understand this if you comment on this post that this is personal to me.)
- She is coming from the Philippines so, I found a bed for her son. It was free donated by a coworker. She loved it.
- I found a chapel that was less expensive where we could be married. She was so happy.
- My sister suggested altering her wedding dress so my fiance could get married in it. She was happy.

All of these will save US money. As we plan to have a life together, these things will save us money so we can spend the money on other things.
Now the question is, do you think an American Woman would "put up with" having a used dress, a used bed for her son, and a second rate chapel???

The women in the U.S. would want the most spent on them as possible, even if it was money that you needed to borrow or put on a credit card. They are totally selfish and self absorbed.
If you doubt this, go and talk to people who are married....no better yet ask the divorced Men. Ask the divorced men how much that bitch they mistakenly married wanted them to spend on HER wedding.

So let's now come back to Dating and Singles stuff...

In any dating scenario, whether its meeting them, attracting them or closing them; it all depends on how you and her get along.
So if we see a rise in narcissism and egotistical behavior in women, then how can men score with them?
They can't.

So all this "Change Yourself" mantra that is droned into us by PUA Gurus and Instructors is complete horseshit.
Sure, you need to be socially aware but beyond that, being a man isn't bad. You aren't the problem. You aren't the one who needs to change.
Women are the problem.

So the solution is simple. Find a humble, honest, kind, fun loving girl that you find attractive. That's it.
No need for Mystery Method, Speed Seduction, Speer Method, or any other system because they don't work on women who have egos the size of Texas.

Comments Welcome.


p.s. I also know this sounds radical for a PUA board. But we also have to think outside the box on things. Women aren't just creatures we meet in bars or in the daytime. And they're not mindless robots either.
Why should I listen to you when you don't even get laid?
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Re: Women Are the Problem

Postby Bull Run » Thu Feb 23, 2012 5:38 pm

It's simple man. We can fix this fucked up battle of the sexes with just a handful of initiatives. Unfortunately, men are just as responsible for this as wimenz.

For the wimenz:

1) Lose weight. In 1981, 12% of white American women were overweight or obese. In 2000, 50%+ of white American women were overweight or obese. A decade later, I'm sure the number is closer to 65%. The number will only get higher if one were to add other ethnicities to the mix because hispanic and black women tend to be more fatty than their white sisters. Men will not commit to or pursue a fucking wildebeest.
2) Get back in touch with your feminine side. Learn to be a little more reserved about your sexuality, quit flaunting it at bars and clubs with your gurls. You can be a slut, just don't let the world know you're a slut. Is it a double standard for men to be revered for being a whore while women are looked down upon? Yes. But, fuck it that's the way things are deal with it. Plus anyways, the reason why women are less likely to have sex with a man is because they're concerned that he won't be able to please her sexually (1/3rd of the time women have orgasmisms during sex). If a woman won't fuck you, it's because she's afraid that you suck in bed. Sorry, but it's the truth. Think about it like this: would you fuck a girl that isn't draining your load? Would you put forth the effort if you're not getting pleasure? No, you wouldn't. Women are the same. This is why women flock to man whores: because he's experienced enough to know what he's doing.
3) Stop having kids out of wed lock and then expecting some other man to raise another man's child.
4) Get off the pill. It's fucking with your hormones, thus with your emotions, thus making you make poor decisions regarding love and relationships.
5) Drop the insistance that you find an alpha male. Not all men get to marry/fuck super models, not all women get to fuck an alpha male.
6) Try being more fucking grateful. If a man approaches you then respond by being the sweet, nice woman that you’re biology engrained in you. Drop the whole, ‘why is HE talking to ME’ mentality. You’re not fucking royalty, you’re just some stranger that I may or may not get along with.


1) Quit pursuing fat women. If a woman’s upper arm is larger than the thigh of a thin woman just walk away. I don’t care how good she is in bed, it’s not worth it.
2) Quit being such fucking losers. I understand that you don’t need a job, money, good looks, or any of that shit to fuck decent women from time to time. But, that doesn’t give you the excuse to stuff your face with hot wings, play video games all day, and to look like you just rolled out of bed. Man up and do something productive. I’ve met so many men that were just complete losers that get laid all the time by hot wimenz, but there’s more to life than hot wimenz.
3) Learn game and don’t ever be afraid to walk away. If you’re always willing to leave, you’ll never have a woman trample you or ruin your life.
4) This ties-in with number 1, but don’t allow wimenz to act so poorly. Don’t let them use you as a pawn for free drinks or attention. Don’t reward the single mom with a relationship (I did that once and I regretted it in the end), don’t reward fat women with your affection, don’t reward overly entitled sluts with your cock.
5) Quit jerking off so much. Really. There’s a lot of reasons for this actually: it heightens your focus, it makes sex more enjoyable, it helps you lose weight (studies have shown that less jerking resulted in more work outs…of all of the other muscles in your body), it saps your sex drive and consequently hunger to approach women, and, finally, studies have started to hint to the idea that if a man regularly masturbates he releases a specific kind of pheromone that women find repulsive and vice versa.
6) Stand up for yourself. The idea that chivalry is dead is abso-fucking-lutely right. It is dead and feminism killed it. Unless I’m fucking a girl, or headed down that path, I don’t do shit for wimenz. I don’t stand up on the train to give them my seat, I don’t go out of my way to open doors, I don’t try to stop the elevator doors from closing, I don’t let them cut in line. Fuck them. Act like a woman and I’ll try you as such, act like wimenz and I’ll use you as a receptacle for my baby batter. I get called a misogynist all the fucking time. You know what? I don’t fucking care. I’ve seen the true side to wimenz and it’s pretty fucking ugly. I’ve been on both sides actually. I’ve been that guy that dropped his date off at her Uptown apartment after a nice dinner and got a hug, only to be passed by a guy with a shit eating grin on his face headed right to her place. And, I’ve been the guy with the shit eating grin. It’s easier to swallow on this side of the fence but that doesn’t make it right.
The difference is indifference.
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Re: Women Are the Problem

Postby Sherater » Mon Jun 01, 2015 11:39 pm

I need information about you and are willing to learn.
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Re: Women Are the Problem

Postby Lazarus Jack » Thu Jul 09, 2015 1:34 pm

I completely agree! I couldn't put it better myself! If you really pay attention to a woman, I mean really pay attention to a woman the next time you go on a date. If you notice, they don't tend to ask you about yourself. They won't because they love being the center of attention and treated like a, "princess". How many times have you taken a girl out and she actually tried to getto know you? Pretty rare right? It sucks but unfortunately that's the way women are. I heard foreign women are different though but I haven't experienced anything other than, "The Norm".
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