The Most Common Mistakes That Men Make Begin With How They T

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The Most Common Mistakes That Men Make Begin With How They T

Postby dricas24 » Thu Jun 29, 2017 5:10 pm

Whether it's a text that you sent when you just met or even the text messages that you send now or in the future. I often wondered why potential candidates that I have met in the past abruptly stopped texting me as soon as I sent a "no no" text. I kept repeating these same mistakes until I visualized the true meaning of texts that I've sent. For example, the texts that I was sending, I didn't ask myself "is this a text message that is going to make her smile or laugh"? Imagine if your text messages had that constant appeal to her how quickly her interest in you would go from 1-100 in a second. This may not be an issue for some of you out there, but for the majority of us it is. I am sure I could of learned these things the hard way by constantly falling flat on my face enough times. I made extreme improvements whenever I read dePriest's whole article about texting like a RockStar. This stuff should be implemented into the dating hall of fame.
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