Karaoke cab!

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Karaoke cab!

Postby Guest » Mon Dec 27, 2010 2:37 pm

So, last night we were at quarter bar in uptown. We were on the second floor, throwing ice cubes at a taxi across the street. We go downstairs and decide to check out republic, which ended up being dead. Black friar is going to be the next destination, I say we drive there. Bull run being the responsible one, decides that we should get a cab and not drink n drive. So, we hop into the cab right next to us, and have our mind blown.

This cab has cds all over the wall and roof inside. Blacklights, strobe lights, and laser turn on, then a tv screen pops down. The cab driver hands us microphones and starts playing some song that I didn't remember. Then he's like no, I got the jam for you. And precedes to put journey on, which is the perfect i'm hammered music. I was pretty drunk at this point, so I wasn't sure if this was really happening, or I was dreaming while being passed out in jail. Luckily it was real.

We sing don't stop believing, into the microphones in the cab. Just as the song ends we arrive at black friar. We get out of the cab and smoke machines start going off.

This was by far the best cab I have ever been in. I think we should have just ridden around all night singing cheesy 80s songs in uptown.

If you have a chance to ride in the karaoke cab, do it, it will be fuckin AWESOME. Not to mention, it provides a great conversation topic for inside the bar.

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