Venue Notes: Bars & Clubs Master List

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Venue Notes: Bars & Clubs Master List

Postby IsiMan84 » Tue Jul 24, 2012 6:12 am

I was thinking there probably needs to be a sticky for venue info that gets updated from time to time (to prevent repeated questions), but I started a list a couple years ago of all the places I've personally been to since I moved to Dallas/Fort Worth. Some of them are closed (could be re-opened as something else now), but I figured at least you'd have some insight on how many bars might be in a particular area or the type of crowd that goes there.

If anything seems inaccurate let me know and I'll change it. I can likely answer most any questions about a given spot on the list. Be warned, it's laughably un-short.


Uptown/Oak Lawn - Yuppie/Gay/SMU crowd
- Standard Pour - nice sit down place, notice a lot of girls on patio
- Avenu - slightly older crowd, Thursday was big night when it was Aura
- The Den - if there's a fire code for capacity, they are surely breaking it
- Black Friar - seems kind of fratty, but usually has a lot of people
- Renfield’s Corner - big patio, rivals the Den for fire code violations some nights
- Idle Rich - regular uptown crowd
- Nickel & Rye - dinner spot, regular uptown crowd
- Quarter Bar - regular uptown crowd, little more laid back
- Social House - Decent brunch spot, DJ and dance area at night, back yard games area
- Trophy Room - has a mechanical bull which young chicks apparently seem to love
- McKinney Ave Tavern - does karaoke on Friday or Saturday
- 6th Street Bar - College/recent graduate crowd
- Katy Trail Ice House - probably packed every day since even Sun afternoons are good
- Fat Rabbit - gets a lot of people for dinner, patio usually pretty full
- State & Allen Lounge - nice brunch spot, not too crazy on weekends
- Hotel ZaZa / Dragonfly - older crowd, women usually top-notch but in their 30's
- Winston’s Supperclub - older crowd, could be mixed sometimes
- Shooters - next to AAC
- Primebar - dicks about letting guys in, decent crowd on weekends
- Ritz-Carlton - similar to ZaZa crowd
- Kung Fu Saloon - bunch of free arcade games, SMU & fratty types
- Concrete Cowboy - bar/club type place, high energy, guys look like Bobby Bottleservice
- British Beverage Company - diverse crowd, live music, busy on weekends
- Sambuca - similar older crowd to one in Plano
- LA Gourmet Pizza - across from the Den, open until 4am
- Rocco's Pizza - open until 4am
- Station 4 - gay club, open till 4am
- Woody's - gay sports bar
- The Fan Sports Lounge - inside Sheraton hotel
- Common Table - general bar/restaurant
- Sisu - good pool parties on Sundays in the summer
- Nodding Donkey - good for happy hours and the like
- Alcove - decent wine bar
- Ginger Man - beer snob type of bar
- Glass/Revive - typical nightclub, popular pool area in the summer
- Pop Diner - nice 24 hour spot, DJ afterhours
- The Rustic - bar with huge patio plus a stage
- Tate's - bar that makes some interesting drinks, not cheap though
- So & So's - gets a decent crowd
- Meddlesome Moth - decent bar in design district
- Tacos N Tequila
- Sidebar
- Parliament
- City Council
- Eastwood's

Knox-Henderson - Mix of everything
- Candle Room - very exclusive, good on Wednesday, kinda douchey
- Barcadia - full of old school arcade machines
- Taverna - good brunch place on Sun, $1 mimosas and lots of talent
- J. Black's
- Capitol Pub
- Old Monk
- Gin Mill - good crowd on weekends, DJ in back
- Beauty Bar - weird hipster crowd but usually a decent turnout
- Knox Street Pub
- Villa O - good brunch spot on Sun
- Henderson Tap House - good patio, decent sized crowd
- Eberhard
- Whippersnappers

SMU Blvd/NorthPark Mall - College students/older mixed crowd
- Kona Grill - good mixed crowd, usually packed on Fridays, great for post-mall game
- Luna De Noche - next to Kona, gets somewhat similar crowd
- Nodding Donkey - mostly SMU crowd at night
- Barley House - mostly SMU crowd at night
- Across The Street Bar - mostly SMU crowd at night
- Trinity Hall - Irish pub in Mockingbird Station

Greenville - Hipster/mixed crowd/SMU
- Green Elephant - mostly SMU crowd last time I checked
- Dodie’s
- Sundown/Granada - restaurant/bar with stage inside
- Kush - decent hookah place, might close early
- Single Wide - Bingo on Wednesdays, tiny place
- Truck Yard - cool hangout place with food trucks surrounding it
- HG Sply Co - paleo diet restaurant with bar

Deep Ellum - Hipster/tattoo/piercing crowd
- Trees - gets packed for shows, usually a cover charge
- Elm Street Bar
- Wit's End - went for trivia during the week
- Adair's Saloon - typical Deep Ellum crowd, live music
- Sandbar Cantina - bar with sand volleyball courts
- Twilite Lounge
- Dot's Hop House
- Cafe Salsera
- Bottled Blonde

Downtown - More minority crowd
- Chaucers - this was years ago, but mostly Indian crowd
- House of Blues/Foundation Room
- Magnolia Hotel
- Draft Picks - only been on Wednesday for wings, mostly mixed crowd
- Ravenna
- Plush - typical club, 18 & up some nights
- Zouk - typical club, 18 & up some nights
- Absinthe - hole in the wall off Lamar, poetry in the back room
- Nylo - nice rooftop bar and pool
- Luxx - Latin night on Thursday, different other nights

Bishop Arts
- 303 Bar & Grill - mostly Hispanic crowd, small place with DJ
- Oak Cliff Social Club - hipster type crowd

West Side/I-35
- Cowboys Red River - country bar, line dancing etc.
- Beamers - huge $5 buffet on Fridays, but gets hood after 10pm most nights
- Hotel Belmont - Patio with a nice view looking towards downtown
- Humperdink's - restaurant with brewery like BJ's

- Weekends Bar & Grill - on the lake, different sections for country/rock/top 40

North Dallas

Addison - Some older crowd, mostly restaurant bars, also smoky
- Sherlock’s - usually packed most nights, don't expect many quality girls though
- Logan’s - typical Irish pub, less volume than Sherlock's
- Champp’s
- Houlihan’s
- The Red Room - a bit older crowd, race depends on the night
- Chaucers - did foam parties in the summer, not sure anymore
- McFadden’s - the 'it' spot in the area as of late
- Hibachi
- Social House - closest to uptown crowd you'll get in Addison
- Blue Fish - sushi restaurant but has a dedicated bar side
- Blue Mesa - good happy hour bar, went Mondays for meetup events
- Mucky Duck - decent bar in Addison Circle
- Los Lupes - Good happy hour
- Londoner - decent sized patio, good bar for watching soccer games etc.

Plano - More middle-aged, parents, cougars, etc.
- Nylo Hotel - 30's crowd, cool looking bar
- Loft 610 (now Social 121) - 30's/40's crowd
- Ra Sushi Bar - older mixed crowd, popular on Sun
- Sambuca 360 - older/cougar crowd, music usually live 80's cover band or top 40
- The Ginger Man - comes across as a beer snob/nerd type place
- Greek Isles - restaurant/bar
- Bavarian Grill - restaurant/bar
- Ringo’s Pub - younger crowd than Sambuca, cheaper drinks
- Naan Sushi - mix of Sambuca and Ringo's crowd
- The Fillmore Pub
- The Hangout - less classy crowd compared to rest of Plano
- Scruffy Duffies - same as Ringo's basically
- Holy Grail Pub - hole in the wall off Preston/Headquarters
- Urban Crust - younger crowd, has a dance area on the 3rd floor with ice covered bar
- Campisi’s - has free pizza for happy hours
- Blue Mesa - happy hour with free quesadillas
- PepperSmash - next to Sambuca, has a speciality spicy drink
- The Franchise - sports bar with good crowds for football games (go Pack go)
- Daisy's Barn & Grill - not sure if country but they had karaoke
- Blue Martini - popular place, typical Shops at Legacy crowd
- Henry's -

Austin Ranch (The Colony) - A mini Uptown in the burbs
- Zen
- Café Gecko

Allen - Similar to Plano
- Londoner
- Dirty Rooster
- Braza Dancante - nice Brazilian dance spot
- Chaucers

- Redneck Heaven
- Sneaky Pete’s - big bar/restaurant by the lake with volleyball courts, crowd seems mixed

- Went to one spot that closed, haven't been out there in years

Grapevine - Similar to Plano
- Glass Cactus - cougar/older crowd, part of a really nice hotel/resort

- Cool River Café
- The Cellar - nice bar in the canal area

- Fox & Hound - might get some UT Dallas students

Wylie - More country crowd
- Went to one spot that closed, haven't been there in years

- Londoner - next to FC Dallas stadium

Fort Worth

Downtown - Mixed crowd, 20's & 30's, less 'hip'
- The Library - $1.25 drinks on Thurs, free cover w/ college ID, mixed crowd
- Bar 9
- Red Goose
- Vee Lounge - not sure if anybody goes there
- Flying Saucer
- Houston Street Bar & Patio
- Embargo - salsa/dance club, mostly Latin
- Barcelona - Nice underground dance club
- Vice - similar to Barcelona
- Bird Cafe

West 7th/Elsewhere - 20's + TCU crowd
- Gizmo’s Disco
- Bar Louie
- Capital Bar
- Durty Crow
- Zio Carlo’s
- Finn MacCool’s
- Reservoir
- Landmark - bar with arcade games, TCU students
- Buffalo Bros. - bar next to campus
- Uptown Tavern - decent crowd, stage for music, indoor smoking
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Re: Venue Notes: Bars & Clubs Master List

Postby Khaos » Tue Sep 04, 2012 12:02 pm

Sfuzzi can be racist. They don't let in a lot of black or Mexican people in. They won't let my nig, Kevin in.
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Re: Venue Notes: Bars & Clubs Master List

Postby Triumvirate » Tue Sep 04, 2012 7:45 pm

"Nig" being short for?
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Re: Venue Notes: Bars & Clubs Master List

Postby voyager » Sun Sep 09, 2012 8:10 pm

Kinki Lounge and Ghost Bar both closed during the past few months. Also, 8.0's is now the new Flying Saucer in downtown Fort Worth.

Good list, I'm trying to make it a point to go to new places these days.
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Re: Venue Notes: Bars & Clubs Master List

Postby IsiMan84 » Sat Sep 15, 2012 6:27 am


And I was not aware Sfuzzi was any different than other bars, other than turning guys away when there's 'too many' in there. I've been turned away a few times for this reason. Other nights and more recently, no problem. I assume it dawned upon them that they are nothing more than just a pizza restaurant.
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Re: Venue Notes: Bars & Clubs Master List

Postby relax » Mon Sep 17, 2012 12:55 pm

Hey Isi, thanks for posting the spots in FW. I'm definitely going to be checking out some of those TCU heavy spots in the next couple of months.
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Re: Venue Notes: Bars & Clubs Master List

Postby Cordivae » Mon Oct 22, 2012 12:15 pm

Update to Deep Ellum:

DoubleWide - A little bit off the main strip, this is probably the best bar to sarge in Deep Ellum. Generally more sets, often standing, makes it easy to mingle.

Anvil - Not as big of a fan of the layout, basically one long bar with some tables off to the side. Its a neighborhood hangout, and you will often see the same crowd over and over. Got a couple #s here.

Lizard Lounge - A club environment. Standard club fare and girls that look like they are in high school. On Wednesdays and Sundays it becomes "The Church" with more of a goth scene. Generally has a cover.

Trees - Almost always has a cover. Most of the time there is a band of some kind.

Club Dada - Similar to trees. Nice outdoor area out back.

Amsterdam Bar - Pretty empty most nights, but I had a pull here so might as well include it. There is often a 'free comedy show' that consists of the local improve class trying out routines.
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Re: Venue Notes: Bars & Clubs Master List

Postby dutchman6 » Mon Nov 12, 2012 10:11 pm

What about a place, like that pick up spot in the movie, Crazy, Stupid, Love?
*Something really classy
*Something that you're game needs to be tight
Any ideas?

I'm from OKC area and we can't compete with DFW. It's pretty much Thursday to Saturday (lame!, i know)But we have some amazing night clubs that i feel are lacking in Dallas. I enjoy coming to Dallas bc it doesnt matter what happens you'll be back in OKC soon or vice versa. Not saying i have a problem with woman but i hope you get my point. If anybody want to know any spots to practice in the OKC area let me know.

how is the honky Tonk (billy's Bob)
why i ask, I've pulled a majority of my woman from country bars!
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Re: Venue Notes: Bars & Clubs Master List

Postby IsiMan84 » Tue Jan 22, 2013 4:24 pm


I'll have to make a trip to Deep Ellum so I can get a better idea for some of those places. I just went to those two spots one night and was pretty much done.
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Re: Venue Notes: Bars & Clubs Master List

Postby voyager » Wed Jan 23, 2013 12:14 pm

A lot of places charge cover in deep Ellum, plus you gotta pay to park there.

Also fat daddy's in Fort Worth is reopening as vee lounge in a few weeks.
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