McKinney Avenue Review - Dallas, Tx (Uptown)

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McKinney Avenue Review - Dallas, Tx (Uptown)

Postby GettenJizzywitit » Sat Sep 08, 2012 3:34 pm

Greetings guys,
Since I moved to Dallas some five months ago, I've put in a reasonable amount of time down the highly praised atmosphere of McKinney Avenue in Uptown. If you've been on a Thurs, Fri, or Sat night, you know that McKinney brings out the highest quantity of 9s and 10s you'll see in a single night throughout the Metroplex; however, the vast majority of PUAs I've spoken with (including myself) have had virtually no success with there game there, muchless any type of solid close on a woman down that street that resulted into anything later on. Now I'm sure there are some rare success stories out there from the PUA guys throughout time. I'm not sure if the 9s and 10s pickup an air-born bitch infection for the night when they touch that street but I've learned its not just me that notices the difficulty in seducing/closing women down there.

Many PUA guys I've met don't even go down there any longer, and settle for less abundant locations around the city, which is ashame considering the high population of top talent the street attracts.

So if you've had good consecutive experience on this street throughout time bring it up and let it be known that this is possible ...haha! 8)
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Re: McKinney Avenue Review - Dallas, Tx (Uptown)

Postby Triumvirate » Sun Sep 09, 2012 2:59 pm

Is it possible to have success in Uptown Dallas? Of course! You just have to realize the dynamics that are at play:

Group Dynamics
Most beautiful women are out there with at least one friend, but usually more than one. If you don't have the skills to manage a group, its going to be difficult to have success.

Approach Invitation
Your success on a given night will skyrocket if you are able to quickly ascertain which women are open to being approached. If you are going to roll up on two women who are deep in conversation, don't expect for the conversation to last long.

Short Attention Span
Most women there came to look sexy, get hit on, get drinks bought for them, etc. They really don't have time for opinion openers and all that. Having the skill to quickly display your personality and get her invested in the interaction is pivotal to seeing rewards for you efforts.

It would behoove you to go to the uptown area during the day while the women are a little more receptive to your advances. Then parlay that into meeting up with them later that night or another night in the future. Its always easier to game when you roll into a spot with 3 or 4 women. OR when you say to women that you meet throughout the night, "Hey my friends would love to meet you" and those friends all turn out to be women.

Know the rules, and slant the game to your advantage to get consistent wins.

Hope that helps,
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Re: McKinney Avenue Review - Dallas, Tx (Uptown)

Postby IsiMan84 » Sat Sep 15, 2012 6:16 am

I think it's more a testament to what other PUA's you're talking to, along with your own skill. The girls in uptown are quite attainable if you're going about things the right way. Running off some lines and assuming they'll be into you, that won't happen. For sure.

There are soooooo many factors that play into success which you're probably not even considering, or they are completely out of your stratosphere of knowledge.

1. Logistics: Do you live in the area, do they live in the area, who did they come with, who are they leaving with, etc. Are you making this process streamlined? Any bumps in the road and you're dunzo. Other than a botched double pull with Triumvirate, I've only gotten a couple day 2's and zero lays in Fort Worth. Why? These girls are nowhere near as attractive as the ones in uptown so I should be cleaning up, right? But I live on the other side of DFW, and if I can't go to their place then that's a wrap. I settle for their number and then what? Try to keep the line taut until the next time I'm in Fort Worth? No thanks, tried that. The same applies to uptown. What's funny about it all, is the majority of girls I've met in uptown that I managed to get a day 2 with, lived closer to me. Not saying it's not possible to get one otherwise, but living in their neighborhood or being there often definitely helps. Do you think she's just sitting on her ass the other 5 days of the week you're not around? Nope, guys are probably taking her out. A lot.

2. Advancing the plot: I'm not sure what you're saying to these girls, but I've met guys in the community who are using the same material as guys who aren't in the community. Okay cool, you read a bunch of books, learned some methods, but then you get in front of a girl and all of a sudden you're basically just shooting the shit? Without showing any intent, mind you. Because you think she's a '10' and are afraid to make any moves. Does she like you now? Probably not. You have to lead the interaction, show intent, and do it well. With the sheer volume of guys these girls talk to, you pretty much have to offer her something the rest can't, or be her best option. Due to this, your room for error is very small.

3. Mindset/Strategy: It sounds like you're putting them on a pedestal, which is going to affect the way you approach them. 9's and 10's abound? I don't put a number on these girls, or any girls for that matter. Many of them are bangable, but I don't hold them in a different regard than anybody else in the metro. I treat the ones you consider a '10' the same as I would the ones you consider a '6'. But yea, if you're not good with groups then you might want to look elsewhere. You're not going to find a lot of lone wolves or stragglers in this part of town. You need to approach the group as a whole, determine which girl is feeling you the most and go from there. Too many guys target one girl, completely give her all the attention, and consider the rest obstacles. Your body language will show it, your words will show it, and anything else you do. If the other girls pick that up and don't approve of you, thanks for playing.
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Re: McKinney Avenue Review - Dallas, Tx (Uptown)

Postby GettenJizzywitit » Fri Sep 21, 2012 8:31 pm

IsiMan84 wrote: the majority of girls I've met in uptown that I managed to get a day 2 with

Isi, thanks for sharing your wealth and assumptions of my game. That being said we should sarge one night so you can know what I'm like in person and in the field. The post was directed to simply knowing if PUAs have had consecutive success (day 2's in my world) in uptown; and if so, please share their experience if they do so wish. I know it's a tough place sir - even for you respectfully; however, making a connection is the key in any case or place and is essentially what we practice. In your uptown success experiences you share that you happened to live close to the girls you achieved a 'day 2' interaction with, which may have been a key attribute at that moment. I will be keeping that in mind.

As challenging as it is, I love the Mckinney uptown challenge and what it brings to the table. It's unlike any other area in DFW.

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