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Re: List of Best Nightgame Locations in Dallas

Postby Bull Run » Mon Mar 05, 2012 10:45 am

Women from just about any ethnic group can be beautiful. I've had the pleasure of being with a lot of different races, ethnicities, and nationalities. It would be false to say that certain races/ethnic groups don't have some of the same general characterisitcs. Asians tend to be shorter and more petitie, indians (dot not a feather) tend to be shorter and more curvy, the same is generally true for latinos, white women tend to be taller and more broad shouldered (but, that varies greatly from one ethnic group to another), black women tend to have fitter, tighter bodies, etc. Having said that, everyone has their preferences and, yes, having a preference is a form of discrimination...not racisim, just preferences. I, for example, prefer shorter women, white women with a slight tan, smaller chest, larger butt, dark brown/black hair, and green/blue/gray eyes. If I'm confronted with a woman that looks like that and is a 7, I'd go after her well before I would a woman that doesn't quite fit that mold that's a solid 9. It's just my preference and type.

I've always held the belief that men can appreciate beauty outside of their type set, whereas women tend to have certain physical types of men they prefer and generally don't date outside of that type set. In addition, I've also come to believe that women are more superficial than men, but much more forgiving of looks because they value other characteristics way more than just looks.

Red's right, society is dynamic. Every venue's dynamics change. In some parts of the city, it changes hourly as the night progresses. You just have to understand that and experiment with when to go where on what nights.

@ Ninjamatt, you made my point regarding routines. I very rarely use a routine more than once in any given night, but I certainly do recycle material. Not reusing material after it's been proven to be successful would be doing you a great injustice. Sometimes, you stumble on things that just work over and over again. Why not exploit them as much as is possible without forcing it or seeming contrived? Just this weekend, I developed a new routine on the fly that I will definitely be using again. It changed the interaction I had with this HB and immediately flipped the script. She went from being luke warm to fully engaged at the very moment I ran this on her. The origin was off the cuff and spontaneous (never uttered those words before in my life), which is how any good routine should be but to say that I can never say what I did again would be the most ridiculous thing in the world. It's not a difference in our understanding of what a routine is, it's a difference in opinion regarding the effectiveness of routines. Can one seduce a woman purely off the cuff? Yes, I've done it before. But, just like any great comedian why tell your best jokes just the one time? As long as you don't have a routine stack and aren't saying the exact same things over and over then you can absolutely recycle material and file it away for an appropriate time to run, if that time doesn't come up then it doesn't. Don't force it, it should just flow.

Finally, I tend to agree with Red here. This is a list you want to develop so you should do so. Over the years, we've had dozens of these review venues threads and the posts always remind me that opinions are like assholoes, everyone has one. The best way to review a venue is to go there yourself and generate your own opinion. The things I see in a venue will not be the same as what you see. I go to Uptown and I see snobs, everywhere. Hot snobs sure, but still snobs. That entire part of the city just reeks with overly-entitled women. I've never liked that part of town. Doesn't mean I've never pulled from there, I just don't like it. Many others on these boards will disagree with me, which is fine. But, for me, I'll cast my nets in different waters. When I am in Uptown, it's to hang with friends...not to pick up women. This is why, ultimately, this thread is pretty well useless. It's only good for the reviewer, not for those reading the reviews. Same as with movie, restaurant, etc. critics. Fuck those guys man. Who are they to tell me what is and isn't good? I'll figure it out myself.
The difference is indifference.
Bull Run
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Re: List of Best Nightgame Locations in Dallas

Postby Khaos » Mon Mar 05, 2012 2:55 pm

ninjamatt wrote:how old are you

Turning 22.
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Re: List of Best Nightgame Locations in Dallas

Postby ninjamatt » Tue Mar 06, 2012 11:01 pm

i didn't mean to derail the thread and I am sorry.

BullRun, I'd love to hang out with you in dallas somewhere. Meanad, you might be slightly too young right now to run with me (32) but only let these message board people get in your head if it boosts your game. BTW good luck on those papers.
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Re: List of Best Nightgame Locations in Dallas

Postby shocktop311 » Tue May 01, 2012 11:13 am

I prefer Uptown and Lower Greenville, especially if you're young trying to get SMU chicks. I head to:
1.)Renfields (favorite)
3.)Idle Rich
4.)The Den(also a favorite, crazy and a big place with many different bars)

I sarge there. As we all know Dallas has some snobby bitches but they're not too difficult to break down.
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Re: List of Best Nightgame Locations in Dallas

Postby studeyp » Fri Jun 29, 2012 8:25 pm

Renfields has a good patio to be able to get in plenty of approaches.
Standard Pour has plenty of people throughout the week.
The Den is just a mad house filled with women.
Rocco's Pizza is a well-kept secret late-night after all the bars have closed down.
McKinney Ave for street game, and the hot dog stand next to the MAT to snag people in line.
Sherlock's in Addison / Sambuca 360 in Shops at Legacy for cougars - good spot to practice for newbies.
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Re: List of Best Nightgame Locations in Dallas

Postby Miyo33 » Tue Jul 29, 2014 1:23 pm

This is a yelp quote from a S4 guest....
[Overpriced drinks, terrible management, and most of the bartenders are old and crabby (especially the one in the granite bar). You're better up going to Round Up. There are also too many bachelorette parties. Seriously, half the people here are straight woman and they're loud and annoying. Go to a non-Caven club where they crack down on things like this.]

Hell yea. Sounds like the perfect place. Just got to dallas for work. Stuck here 6 weeks.
This is first on my list. Bringing back the good old days of going to gay clubs with my lesbian friends.
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